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一九四九年,中 国共产党取得政权,建立中华人民共和国,在宗教政策上,实行重重限制。其中一项便是中外国宣教士在大陆继续从事宣教工作。宣教士被迫调往东南亚各地,撤退 和调派到马来亚的英国长老会和公理会宣教士有胡德牧师,亨约翰牧师,蓝启文牧师,欧阳德牧师,文达道牧师,戴琪牧师,伊利约牧师,Swanson牧师,黎 节姑娘,路禧娟姑娘,段恩华姑娘,宋姑娘,于力爱姑娘,爱姑娘,司姑娘,柳姑娘。与此同时,大会也与台湾基督长老教会有密切的联系,并获得该会差派陈复生 牧师,陈效赞牧师,陈祥康牧师,邱以正牧师先後莅临本大会事奉。陈祥康牧师在担任大会青年干事期间(六十年代),出版了青年团契手册,编写团歌。在他大力 推行青年工作之下,各堂所也纷纷成立青年团契。

In 1949, the Communist party of China gained power and formed the Peoples Republic of China. It had placed a lot of restrictions in its religious policy. One of the restrictions was on the preaching ministry of the local as well as foreign missionary in China. Missionaries were forced to move to various parts of South East Asia. Those who had retreated and transferred to Malaya included missionaries from the England Presbyterian Church and the Anglical Church, such as Rev. George Hood, Rev. John Henderson, Rev. Clabon Allen, Rev. Robert Elder, Rev. Donald Brookes, Rev. Eliot, Rev. Swanson, Miss Agnes Richards, Miss Joyce Lowell, Ps. Celia Downward, Miss I. L. Smith, Miss Yee Li Ai, Miss Ai, Miss Shi, Miss Liu An Ning. At the same time, Synod also maintained close link with the Taiwan Presbyterian Church, Which had sent ministers such as Rev. Tan Hock Seng, Rev. Chen Fu Sheng, Rev. Noah Chen, Rev. Chiu I Cheng to save in the Synod. During Rev. Noah Chen s term as the Synod s youth Executive Secretary in the God s, he published a youth fellowship handbook and wrote a youth theme song. Under his tiredless effort, many churches started their youth fellowship.

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