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世界第二次大战 结束後不久,马来西亚对马共的扰乱,先是反英殖民政策,後有意成立人民共和国,英国殖民地政府为消灭马共份子,华人被迫集中居住,造成新村的成立。大会也 开始重视新村的宣教,先後在柔佛州几个华人新村开设教会,其中包括彼咯(一九五一年),古来(一九五二年),拉央拉央(一九五二年),龙引(一九五三 年),加亨(一九五四年),亚依淡(一九五四年),四湾岛(一九六零年)。

With the end of the Second World War, the British colonial government had to deal with the Malayan Communist Party, Which started opposing British government policy, it tried to form a government of its own. In order to demolish the communists, the Chinese were forced to move from their dwelling places and stayed in new villages. The Synod started to pay attention to the church planting works in the new villages. Several churches were planted in the new villages, including Ayer Hitam (1954), Pengerang (1960), Bekok (1951), Kahang (1954), Layang Layang (1952), Rengit (1953) and Kulai (1952).

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