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神学基金,半数连本带利一万八千四百五十三元二角总 和教牧基金,於一九七七年由新加坡长老大会交还大会。新马大会分家後,经济为其中一项首要处理的事项。大会财政林瑞芝长老及其委员任重道远,为大会各项产 业费心费神。在大会成立後的第三年(一九七七年),为求一劳永逸巩固大会的经济,做了两项深具影响的决策:第一项把大会在笨珍的椰园改种油棕,并徵得王福 盛先生为产业干事,处理各项产业发展。王先生毕业纽西兰农业硕士。第二项乃发动筹募五十万发展基金。

In 1976, a pastors welfare fund was established to provide gratuity and retirement fund for the pastoral staff. Before the separation, the theological fund totalled 30,000 dollars, half of which, together with interest, totaling 18453.20 dollars were returned by the Singapore Presbyterian Church to the Malaysia Presbyterian Church in 1977. With the seperation of the synod, finance had become a big task to be tackled. The Synod Treasurer, Eld. Lim Swee Cher, together with his other committees spent much time in tackling the problem. In the 3rd year of the Synod i e 1977, two important decisions which had great impact on the financial position of the Synod were made .

i. To replant the Pontian Coconut plantation with oil palm, at the same time appoint Mr. Ong Fo Sheng as the property executive fully in charge of the property development Mr. Ong had qualified in Master in Agriculture from New Zealand.

ii. Campaign to raise development fund of 500, 000 dollars.

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